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jyl 11-03-13 10:24 AM

Saxo Team Sold To Tinkoff?

Reports claim Riis has sold Saxo team to Tinkoff, possibly in reaction to claims in Rasmussen's book about Riis' past doping.

If true, this presumably nullifies Saxo Bank's sponsorship agreement, as there should be a "change of control" provision in that agreement.

It probably also makes Contador all the more interested in jumping to the planned Alonso team in 2015. I'd guess Tinkoff will spend 2014 cracking the whip on Contador, telling him how and where to ride, and making obnoxious tweets about his riders.

Hiro11 12-03-13 07:43 AM

This was made official last night. The press conference was a hoot, both Riis and Contador looked really uncomfortable. Tinkov is a wild man. It is definitely good to see a Pro Tour team get such a nice infusion of cash given that so many are closing. I'm a bit surprised Tinkov went this way rather than buying another team.

jyl 12-03-13 09:23 AM

I've had a negative view on Tinkov, but after thinking about it, I realize Bernard Tapie must have seemed a similar pushy, crass, attention ***** when he started the La Vie Claire team, and now that is considered one of the classic teams. So I now have an open mind.

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