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Rowan 11-11-13 03:33 PM

Treat me like an average drug cheat
So says Lance Armstrong on the BBC:

He says he will co-operate if he gets the same punishment as other drug cheats.

Hmmm... the man simply has no concept of (a) remorse or (b) humility.

The difference between him and the other "average" dope cheats is that he hounded others to follow his regimens, and behaved in an aggressive and threatening manner towards those who wanted to stop him.

He's not an average doper.

This is something that has flown over the heads of his sycophants.

Cat4Lifer 11-11-13 06:34 PM

Jed19 11-11-13 09:02 PM

LA is genetically incapable of telling the "WHOLE TRUTH", in my view.

I think there were certain very influential people who got bribed by him, and for this reason and others, he won't tell the whole truth, even if granted some kind of amnesty.

hyhuu 11-15-13 10:02 AM

In regulation/law, a violation (doper) is a violation (doper). The term "Average doper" is just non-sensical. Granted, he is a complete bully, *******, etc. but that's not a doping violation. Last time I check other racers were also adults.

Cat4Lifer 11-15-13 04:19 PM

Yes, they were all adults; but only the Z-Man was reduced to tears by that big ol' meanie Armstrong.
No, wait, it was the "smug-thug" Bruyneel who made Dave all teary-eyed. :lol:

Shimagnolo 11-15-13 04:35 PM

And I opened this thread expecting to see a confession from Rowan.:lol:

B. Carfree 11-22-13 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by Shimagnolo (Post 16250239)
And I opened this thread expecting to see a confession from Rowan.:lol:

Me too. I feel cheated.

fietsbob 12-02-13 11:52 AM

Widow of the guy who started the LBS, cheats by shopping multiple doctors to get pill prescriptions ..

fortunately, someone else runs the shop,

her income from it is to keep her from 'helping' and is an Overhead Burden that Sandbags things a Bit.

Maybe Lance would have different treatment even if the drugs were illegal ,

because in cheating, like banksters, he got rich in the process..

gsteinb 12-03-13 11:49 AM

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