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Branimir 12-24-13 05:51 AM

Spartacus and the hour record
Well this just came up on my facebook feed:

Fabian Cancellara will attempt to beat the hour record, 49.7 kilometres, in April or July. "For sure, this year," said the team's general manager, Luca Guercilena.

"We have two windows that corresponding in two peaks in form: the week after Paris-Roubaix or after the Tour de France," Trek Factory Racing's Guercilena told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "It's for sure, this year. Cancellara has the record in his legs."


MinnMan 12-24-13 10:32 PM

The record is 49.7 km. Recognizing that bike geometry and other factors make comparisons between road time trials and track riding dicy, the better riders (top 30) in the 2013 world road time trials (course 56.8 km) all clocked better than 49.7 kph for more than an hour, and the winner, Tony Martin, was at nearly 53 kph.

Good for Cancellara. And if he succeeds or fails, I'd love to see Martin go for it afterwards.

B. Carfree 12-24-13 10:39 PM

I believe Spartacus can break the current record. The problem he has is that no matter whether he does or not, Martin may go for it this year. If Martin attempts to set the record, he will end the year as the record holder.

MinnMan 12-25-13 08:12 AM

Even if Martin later carries, the day, Cancellara's achievements will be burnished if he nabs the record for a short time. He'll be joining a storied list of one-time record holders.

ultraman6970 12-25-13 02:51 PM

Minnman you are assuming that is the same to TT in the road than in the track and believe me, the two are so far appart than you cant assume that because a guy can do 60 km/h in the road he wil b able to do 50 km/h w/o breaking a sweat in the track. If it was that easy that record would had been done by many riders every year and if you look at it this the last record was made like 6 years ago and nobody I know of had even tried it after that. There is a misconception that in the track is easier, there is a reason why trackers are that big compared with roadies.

I'll explain the differences, in the road you have multiple gears, in the track you go with one, you pick the wrong gearing and you are dead. The wind and road in a road TT varies so if you suck in one section you can make it up in another one. In the track believe or not (even in roofed wooden tracks) you have a darn wind all the way around, the faster you ride the faster the wind you hear and feel, it sucks :).

I did track for many years and for example my best time in 1 km TT in the road using my road bike is 58 seconds, in the track never did less than 1:09, in the road was cheating using 52x14 but was starting from 0 with 52x16, in the track had to move 51/50x15, wind... in the road remember had 2 place where I had no wind. The track was 333, concrete and open, so you have darn wind everywhere. The road in 2 places was going kind'a downhill and that helped a lot.

So pretty much 49.7 is darn fast in the track... after seing 2 hour records back in the day it is insane to see the guys doing 1:05 per km with 53x14 or so. Personally I dont see cancelara or martin hitting 55km at the end of the hour at all, they will do as much as 2 km more in the best case scenario, in the worst they will ride faster just by a few meters.

Wonder if wiggo will do it, I see him doing better than cancelara and martin because of his tracker background.

MinnMan 12-27-13 09:13 AM

Thanks for the lecture, ultraman, but if you actually read the part where I wrote "recognizing that bike geometry and other factors make comparisons between road time trials and track riding dicy," maybe you would have realized that I was not assuming equivalence at all.

Keith99 12-27-13 03:31 PM

I just want to know if either of them plans to break the record for 10 and 20k along the way to the hour record.

ultraman6970 12-28-13 12:06 AM

IMO you can't be too far from those records anyways so they have to go for them as partial objectives.

fietsbob 12-30-13 01:04 PM

copy says Mexico City offered the same track Merckx used..

but they declined, opting for the thicker air at sealevel..

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