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Jakedatc 03-11-14 07:58 AM

some good ol shenanigans by meersman yesterday haha i suppose it was worth a shot but he had to know he was going to get slammed for it

last 3k for those who missed it.
Last 3 Km of Stage 2 (2014/paris-nice)

humansaretrash 03-11-14 06:13 PM

So last year was the first year that I watched cycling races in earnest, ie. just about every race I could watch, even those dreadful early season Oman's and Qatar's and such. Paris Nice was pretty bad ass, at watching Porte made me seriously excited. But I must say the par course for this years race is booooooooring as hell. I'm basically going to watch it because that's what a good cycling fan does, but not being too big of a fan of sprint finishes, this year makes me sad.

Jakedatc 03-12-14 08:57 AM

How was that?

THSdrummer 03-13-14 09:46 AM

I've enjoyed Paris-Nice so far. I'll probably miss Saturday's stage due to some shenanigans of my own, but I'll be sure to be up early to catch the last stage (and I don't have class tomorrow, so I'll be watching tomorrow's as well).

I'm really excited to see what happens next. These late breaks are my favorite to watch. I do agree with humansaretrash, bunch sprints really are not the most fun thing to watch - which is a flop from when I first started watching cycling - when watching a sprint was the coolest IMO.

BTW, John Degenkolb scares me, but he sure is fast.

humansaretrash 03-13-14 11:52 PM

I must admit, today's stage was pretty intense, therefore I eat my words. That decent at the end was pretty legit.

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