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Johnny Rebel 03-21-14 06:36 AM

Strade Bianche / Roma Maxima
Wow. I loved that weekend of racing. No radios = awesome racing. Awesome Italian countryside = awesome viewing. The white roads = awesome challenge. Racing through the hilly alleyways of Rome = amazing. One race on Saturday, the next on Sunday = stupendous. Valverde winning one, on the podium in the other = unbelievable. My new favorite weekend? Yes, in it's own way, my personal fave. I miss it already. Anyone else agree? If not, why not?

BamaBulldawg 03-21-14 10:27 AM

I always liked Strade Bianchi and somehow managed to miss it when/if it aired this year. One of my favorites.

jyl 03-21-14 12:08 PM

I love Strade Bianchi. The finish in Siena is awesome. Lovely race. I think before long it may be considered one of the monuments.

I have never watched Roma Maxima, on TV or otherwise.

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