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txags92 04-02-14 04:12 PM

Criterium International and Frank Schleck?
Can somebody explain the fascination that the Schleck brothers seem to have with making 100m long attacks on climbs while looking over their shoulders? I just don't understand why neither of them ever seems to push a prolonged attack in the mountains, even when it appears they are very strong relative to the other riders. Do they really think that 100m long sprints are going to be enough to break the spirit of other elite climbers? Why not take Jen's advice for once and just put their heads down and go hard for a mile or three and then see who is still standing?

Keith99 04-02-14 04:48 PM

The hope might be that the right break companion looks like he will make the gap and others won't.

But do that so much that you get a reputation for it and people learn they don't need to mark you, they just need to mark the first chaser.

MinnMan 04-02-14 08:56 PM

I just went back to see the replay of that. Maybe there's some element of strategy that I don't understand, but to me it just looks like a lack of heart. Even as the others were driving for the line, he can be seen looking behind him again!

canam73 04-03-14 08:39 AM

Maybe they are looking for each other.

jyl 04-03-14 08:41 PM

I watched that. He was having lots of words with the three other riders, they slowed so much that two more cushy up. Rather baffling. Frank seemed to have the legs to challenge for the stage, but wasted it in the "attacks". But at least he was competing at the pointy end of the race. Andy was back in the laggard group.

jyl 04-03-14 10:19 PM

In the third stage, at km 1.2, during an overhead shot, what appears to be a white drone thingy flies over the four leaders, traveling from left to right. You have to be looking for it. If anyone sees that, can you tell me what it is? My son thinks it is a four bladed helicopter drone.

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