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MinnMan 04-14-14 11:44 AM

Influence of TV coverage on bike racing strategy?
Yeah, this is a dumb question because the answer is sort of obvious, but how much do you think the desire for TV coverage influences racers' strategies?

From the perspective of the team, the chief goal may be to win, but an important goal is to get camera time for the team and its sponsors, right? So when a team sends riders into the break - or a rider is soloing out in front long before the finish, how much of that is motivated bya desire to get camera time rather than as a winning strategy?

Sure, teams want riders in the breakaway because some times the breakaway riders win. And other times the breakaway riders support team contenders who are able to bridge up or who come to the front once the breakaway fizzles. There are legitimate reasons to want to get riders out ahead or in to the break.

Caretaker 04-14-14 12:20 PM

Small teams in big races very much so.

Keith99 04-14-14 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by Caretaker (Post 16670059)
Small teams in big races very much so.

Sometimes squared.

A break out there adds some interest even if it is only riders out of contention from teams with nothing to gain.

But sometimes other jump across to that group and some real tactics get going.

Race organizers like that.

If a small team gets a reputation for trying breaks they are more apt to get the invitations to big races.

That makes it very important to them.

Moyene Corniche 04-16-14 04:25 PM

Media exposure does play a big part, but so does strategy. A smaller team may very well gamble on sacrificing a rider in the hope that another closely ranked team will chase thereby risking to dip into the reserves that will be needed tomorrow...
There is also the fact that many riders possess temporary contracts, so getting out there is a way to upload that seasons resume in the plan that for the next contract it will be a selling point...
There's an awful lot of variables going on during a race, not the least of which is one team burying another team just because it makes sense..
But also remember that many of these Pro's will very likely race on the same team at some point in their careers.. Making lifelong enemies of other's means that when an allegiance is needed, none will come forth.... Cycling is definitely a Wheeled Chess Game ...

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