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juniorcat 04-27-14 01:39 PM

Will happen to be in France for final TdF stage - viewing?
My son and I will be in Paris during the final TdF stage. I've been before - in 2011 - but that was on a Trek Travel trip, so we had the best spots on the route already blocked off for all Trek groups (which was really cool!).

This time, we don't have that luxury as the TdF is not the point of us going to France this time. Taking into account that my son is only modestly interested in watching the action (meaning, it's not likely we'll be staking out a spot to watch hours in advance), would viewing it from the Eiffel Tower be worth it? I know it's not up-close and personal, but maybe it would be neat to see an overview of the general commotion?

Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.

Caretaker 04-27-14 02:51 PM

The Eiffel Tower? Surely you're thinking of the Arc de Triomphe?

If you check the Champs Élysées street view on Google I think you'll find that the Tower can't be seen from street level which means that you won't see the street from the tower either. You may catch a glimpse as the riders pass the Arc de Triomphe if you've got binoculars.

I doubt you'll get up to the viewing platform on the Arc on that Sunday.

Find the route and take the metro to a point before they cross the bridge across the Seine, then go to a bar and watch the rest on TV.

juniorcat 04-27-14 04:23 PM

I like the metro pre-bridge stop idea - thank you! I mentioned the Eiffel Tower, because while the Arc is no doubt closer, I figured that would be closed off that day. So I was thinking the Tower might be a distant next-best experience.

The bar thing - I think my son would get a kick out of that! He's only 14, but I plan on having him take his first sip of wine in Paris and of beer in Brussels since the minimum 21 age doesn't apply ... so the bar would fit in nicely :-)

Greenfieldja 04-29-14 10:44 AM

+1 to the idea of catching a glimpse before the peloton hits centre ville and catching the finish on tv at a bar/restaurant.

Unless you plan to get out to the Champs really early like NLT 0800 its not really worth it hang out all day to watch the last stage. Folks come out and camp all day along the fences and its nearly impossible to find a decent viewing spot. Plus the area of the CE towards the Place de la Concord is always blocked off so you cant see the finish. It is not nearly as festive as the race announcers on TV make it out to be. Better viewing to be had on television.

I live in Belgium 2 hours away from Paris...dragged my family there the first year we lived here making it out to be a grand spectacle....only to be disappointed myself. Kids were nearly mutinous by the end of the race.


merlinextraligh 04-29-14 02:27 PM

Stay at the Hotel Crillon for a zillion bucks and watch out the window.

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