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DiabloScott 07-09-14 03:35 PM

People for Bikes Campaign as Promoted on Tour de France Coverage


people for bikes...and growing
That's my number - I signed the pledge or whatever it is... not sure what it means or what I committed to.

This is a new archetype of slactivism and I feel really good about being involved.


CrankyOne 07-09-14 07:09 PM

It's perhaps important to understand that People For Bikes is an organization of bicycle related manufacturers and their primary goal is to sell more of the bikes and bicycling gear that they manufacture. That said, some of what they're doing, like the green lane project, is relatively good.

The big downside is that they are heavy promoters of an Americanized and watered down version of Copenhagen style infrastructure rather than Dutch style infrastructure so rather than keeping bicyclists on cycletracks segregated through intersections as the Dutch do, they dump all bicyclists in to whatever the right most lane is at intersections, usually a right turn lane. This might work somewhat well with Danish drivers, but has proven quite dangerous with American drivers.

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