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Nolamom 03-07-18 10:53 PM

Trek FX2 or Verve2 WSD for rear child seat
I am looking a buying a new bike and like both the Trek Verve2 WSD and FX2. I have mixed thoughts on comfort vs performance but my main concern is putting on a rear mounted child seat for my 2 yr old. Most of our riding will be around town and on vacation (less than 10 miles at a time) and primarily on flat roads. Has anyone put a child seat on either of these bikes and had good or bad experiences? I also want to make sure I can put the bike on my Yakima King Joe 2 bike rack.

mel2012 03-09-18 01:37 PM

With a rear-mounted child seat, I recommend going with the easiest mount/dismount option, which would be the Verve. You don't want to be tipping the bike to get on and off, as it will already be imbalanced with your child's weight over the rear wheel. They both have rack mounts, so you shouldn't have any problem mounting a seat. With the Verve, you're going to need an adapter bar to put it on the bike rack, like this:

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