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Dog Trailer


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Dog Trailer


This might be a post for a dog forum but thought someone on here my have experienced a similar episode to the one that I have.

We have bought a dog trailer so that we can bring our dog with us when we go cycling while we’re on camping trips. We have a camper van so I wouldn’t leave her alone.

She’s a lab who is normally happy with anything. We trained her to get in and out of the trailer and she was very happy. She is crate trained so it would seem perfectly normal to her. However, when we took her for her first trip (about 10 seconds) she went berserk. Not just a bit mad but she’s ripped the cover, she was clawing that hard and the noise was incredible. It was quite upsetting. Needless to say, we cut the trip short and got her home.

Has anyone had a similar experience and have you been able to help your dog get over their trauma?

Thanks in advance.
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Had similar experience with our labrador, she didn't go mad but we never managed to get her to stay in so gave up and just used an flexi lead and let her off when we were in areas we could without any cars like forest trails.

Whilst out walking she'd wander off wherever she wanted if she was off lead and would chasing off to greet any other dog but when she was off lead and with us on bikes she'd stay with us as I don't think she wanted to be left behind / lose her pack but I'm not convinced I'd ever have been 100% happy cycling on a pavement and not trust her to dart out in front of traffic if she saw another dog / a squirrel across the road.

Good luck with it but ours just got to the stage she wouldn't get in it whatever the bribe because she knew it was likely to move soon after she did.
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I've no experienc with it, but I notice that all the dogs that are in a crate on the front of the bike are 'participating' in the journey. Always alert and looking forward, I never see a dog on a bike sleeping, facing backwards or relaxing. So maybe the cover is too much of a cover and doesn't let the dog see and smell enough of the environment?
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I wish..

Oh, I wish I could bring my baby on a ride. Unfortunately, she is a pointer/pit mix about 65 pounds. I’m always a wee bit jealous when I see people with little doggies in the basket. Anyways, I do take her hiking and she barely tolerates it. I always thought I would be the type of person who wanted a more active dog.. but when we went to adopt, I looked into her eyes and I knew she was the dog for us. Lazy and all.
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Really good idea!
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We've had a good many dogs. Some dogs like bike rides and some do not. Our current dog likes bike rides, but is too zany for our comfort...barking all the while and lunging about in his trailer. He's a chaser and his prey drive is off the charts. He did okay for a while as a puppy in a basket, but once he got larger and more aggressive he changed. He's just not a good fit for bikes, but he's very well behaved in cars which is good and unexpected. Our previous dog did ride well on bikes, especially in baskets on the rear of singles and on a trike. Not the new guy though, he's very active, high-energy...the kind of dog that likes parkour. He's only about 14 inches tall, but can leap onto round hay bales and bounces off things like a freestyle skateboarder. He's fast and furiously playful.
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