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KT323247 10-30-20 05:43 PM

Recommendation on Ceiling Bike Rack
Hi, family and I are now up to three bikes and we're running out of room in our garage. Does anyone have a recommendation on a ceiling mount for bikes?


VegasTriker 10-31-20 09:05 AM

Depends on how high the ceilings are in your garage. Harbor freight tool has a $16 double hook hoist (SKU 99758) that avoids the problems associated with the regular bike hoist. With it, both sides go up at one time evenly. Not so for the double hook bike hoist with two separate pulleys that I use to hold up my recumbent trike using a third hook for the rear wheel. It never pulls up the two front wheels evenly. That one is only $11.99 but both prices are without taking into the account the 20% off coupon available in most of their ads.

nenovster 11-01-20 08:00 PM

Take a look at for some ideas.
I have the 20093 - Oak Freestand bought on Craigslist for $60, plus two 20080 - Oak Extra Bike Kits, which allows me to store 4 bikes.

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