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earthworm94 02-09-21 04:43 AM

Recommendation for Balance Bikes
I have a rapidly growing 2.75 years old girl who is about to outgrow her cheap "Baby Shark" balance bike. Since she recently had twin brothers bestow upon her, I don't mind spending a bit more for a decent quality balance bike that she can pass along to them. Is there a quality option other than the Strider brand that probably command a premium price just because of the popularity?


hsuBM 02-09-21 05:12 AM

Razor scooter.

100% success with seven of my friendsí kids, and one 20 year old girl in my English class.

If they havenít changed the design in the last decade, the bars should lower enough for her just fine.

Prodigy4299 02-28-21 03:30 AM

At 2.75, you may find that she's old enough to bike on a regular bike? This was the case for us, at least. Depending on her height, she should fit a 12" (most likely) or a 16" (if she's really tall).

If you're still leaning towards a balance, I'd go for something like a Frog Tadpole, which has regular wheels and inflatable tires.

TurboTalon 02-28-21 11:56 AM

I taught both my kids at 3 years old how to ride on 2 wheels, prior to that, they used Norco ninja balance bikes, great quality, but depending where you are, might not be attainable.

Viich 08-01-21 12:33 PM


Seriously, if they're using the balance bikes a lot, the BMX race companies make good ones because of the balance bike races they do.

brianinc-ville 08-09-21 02:46 PM

The Woom 1 is really well made and worth the price. They also let you trade it in for credit on the next size up.

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