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Bike Auction

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Bike Auction

Hi - New to this forum so let me know if I should be posting this elsewhere.

I am looking to get back into biking. I used to ride an old-school Schwinn road bike (something like a Schwinn Traveler but that's just a guess). I'd be biking on streets mainly; 10-20 miles. There is a neighborhood bike auction. Are any of these gems?
  1. Columbia Formula 10
  2. Diamondback Tess 24
  3. Dynacraft Magna Outreach
  4. Fuji Sanible
  5. GFR Giant
  6. Giant Boulder
  7. Huffy Leading Edge
  8. Huffy Mt. Echo
  9. Huffy Tundra
  10. Hyper Bike Co. Mike Spinner Pro
  11. Jeep Commanche
  12. K2 Attack 3.0
  13. Kbike
  14. Kent Ambush
  15. Kent Chaos
  16. Kent Terra
  17. Magna NCX2
  18. Mongoose BMX
  19. Mongoose Chill
  20. Mongoose Element
  21. Mongoose Index 1.0
  22. Mongoose Manuever
  23. Mongoose MTMX
  24. Mongoose Stormer
  25. Mongoose Theme
  26. Mongoose XR-75
  27. Nest Power X
  28. Pacific RX2000
  29. Pacific Cypress RX2000
  30. Retrospec Harper
  31. Rhino Outreach
  32. Roadmaster Edge
  33. Roadmaster Granite Peak
  34. Roadmaster Mt. Fury
  35. Ross Mt. Washington
  36. Schwinn Frontier
  37. Schwinn Pro Aluminum
  38. Schwinn Ranger
  39. Schwinn Venue
  40. Skykomish Marble Point
  41. Upland Stinger
  42. Versato Riviera
  43. Vertical PK7
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Looking at the list, most of those won't be worth your consideration, but there are a couple that would be good for the right price.

The two that stand out to me for are the Giant Boulder (assuming it's 90s but any Giant is a safe bet) and the Skykomish Marble Point. A 90s mountain bike from a respectable brand makes a great all-round townie with good tire clearance and rack mounts, and its good for curb hopping. I ride a 90s Trek as my family ride/errand bike. It's "entry level" but I end up riding it more than my other bikes.

Keep us updated with a pic if you end up with one. Good luck!
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If you're planning on doing 10-20 mile rides exclusively on roads, you'd probably be better off looking for a drop bar road bike. A lot of these seem to be mountain bikes or hybrids. Nothing wrong with that if the quality is there, but it's not really the best fit for what you want to do and most of these will probably be wanting in quality.

Before we got married, my wife bought a Schwinn Ranger at Target. It was not fun for her to ride and a pain for me to keep maintained (wheels wouldn't stay true, brakes wouldn't stay adjusted, etc.) I was glad when we finally got rid of it at a garage sale last year. I was planning on giving it away and I think we'd put it out without a price tag, but some guy offered us $20 for it and I was ecstatic to take that for it and get that chunk of my garage back. Made up for getting a lot less than I'd hoped on the really nice balance bike my kids had outgrown. Long story short. Stay away from the Ranger unless you can get it for less than you would get for selling it to the scrap metal place (including your time of hauling it down there).

On the other hand I had a Mongoose Maneuver from back when they were a bike store brand and it was their low end model. Nothing special, but it made a nice commuter bike when converted to drop bars with fenders and a rack.
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Years ago I used to attend the local police auction where they sold off any unclaimed goods or items they seized. You could observe the items but not closer than a couple of feet away. I bought a couple of bikes there and the results were mixed. I worked at a bike shop so I knew the brands and models that were worth bidding on. I could look at a bike and see if it might be a keeper. Many people did not. The result was they paid way more for a junky bike with a familiar name but rarely bid on those without those brand names. There were other problems I could not anticipate. One bike had a bent frame. It wasn't something I could see. There wasn't any visible damage to the bike but as soon as I tried to ride it, I knew. The other is frame size. Unless you measure the frame size it is a crap shoot as to whether or not it will fit you. I quickly sold off bikes that were too big for me.

I also agree that most of the bikes you list are junk. Just for fun I looked up just one, the Kent Ambush. It's a 20" wheeled kid's bike sold brand new at Walmart for $108. If you are an adult, this must be a joke to list it.
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