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LouD-Reno 09-01-09 04:59 PM

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Indian Valley Century..... Memorial Day Weekend 2009.....

javal 09-03-09 04:23 AM

LouD-reno; Great pics - makes one smile! What bike are that (it looks fast and speedy)?

LouD-Reno 09-03-09 12:06 PM

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It's a Santana Sovereign Triplet.... vintage 1993.... steel tubing..... here's a few more pics....

LouD-Reno 09-30-09 05:19 PM

Tahoe Sierra Century...9/26/2009

HardyWeinberg 09-30-09 07:33 PM

heh... numero tres there looks like he's doing all the work!

LouD-Reno 10-01-09 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by HardyWeinberg (Post 9775786)
heh... numero tres there looks like he's doing all the work!

That's his "Lance" look...... intimidating isn't it..... I normally get it right before he drops me...... hence, the triplet :lol:

LouD-Reno 10-22-09 05:36 PM

Foxy's.... 10/17/2009.....

noteon 11-01-09 06:58 PM

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A couple recent ones of my four-year-olds, who will soon be outclassing their dad...

cabrilo 11-16-09 08:07 PM

First ride of his life. Still too small to go any distance.

Silverexpress 11-17-09 10:51 AM

What a beautiful day for a ride with Papa! Just a bit of advice, you might want to invest in fenders. Especially for the rear wheel (with a DIY mudflap) - it will keep dirt and what not from being kicked up into your baby's sitting area.

noteon 11-17-09 02:42 PM

Nice pictures! Isn't it the greatest?

cabrilo 11-17-09 07:24 PM

Thanks for the fender tip!

I use that single speed cruiser for beach rides, and dog walks (dog bikes I guess). I'll post some photos with the dog and wife in tow. I was so happy that day. Another month or two and we'll try a beach ride with a baby.

HandsomeRyan 12-08-09 07:28 AM

Mrs. HandsomeRyan & I

noteon 12-31-09 12:43 PM

My kids made UrbanVelo magazine!

HardyWeinberg 01-23-10 08:19 PM

My 8.5 yr old is moving up to 24" wheels:

noteon 01-24-10 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by HardyWeinberg (Post 10309382)
My 8.5 yr old is moving up to 24" wheels:

Nice! Are the hand brakes a new thing?

HardyWeinberg 01-24-10 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by noteon (Post 10313003)
Nice! Are the hand brakes a new thing?

No, but the multiple chainrings are. He's just leaving it on the granny for now.

Kobe 01-26-10 01:14 PM

I love the Michael Jackson look.

HardyWeinberg 01-26-10 03:20 PM

He's actually got 2 gloves on that one hand. Found the other 2 gloves at school yesterday on the playground.

enine 03-21-10 08:09 PM

My setup for 2010

Zigorider 03-22-10 12:03 PM

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Did a Zigo Leader X2 group ride in Prospect Park Brooklyn on Sunday! What a blast.. go ride with your kids!

Cjzoller 04-04-10 09:15 AM

@Zigorider - that looks like fun!

Here are a few shots from yesterday.

pwdeegan 04-28-10 11:41 PM

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For anyone who cares to know: it is absolutely possible to do a perfect Rohloff setup with non-Rohloff OEM dropouts (vertical, in my case, using the OEM-2 axle plate), disc brakes, *and* a ball-post axle-mounted trailer hitch (e.g., Chariot hitch). This last bit was a deal-breaker for me—had i not been able to pull the trailer, i would not have converted to the Rohloff. The gear box can take surprisingly tight cable bends to no ill effect.

Hauling the +100lbs of trailer up 9% hills on the Rohloff is better than excellent. Using the same bike (mostly without trailer, sometimes with) to pass carbon-frame road warriors: priceless.

HardyWeinberg 05-03-10 11:38 AM

Rode with my son yesterday, ~9 miles to the bank (to get his allowance) and to the comic book store (to spend it). At one point he said 'I don't know what's specifically fun about this but just riding your bike is a lot of fun'

Then he celebrated when I was letting him punch the atm buttons by accidentally hitting the 'quick $300' button instead of the $20 button.

edited to add picture:

dogontour 05-05-10 06:46 AM

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This is how my dog and I travel together. We were on a tour together in this picture but take away just the panniers and the sleeping pad on top of the trailer, add a truck bag, and that's our everyday riding rig.

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