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Doohickie 06-25-14 11:01 AM

On our ride last Saturday, she broke something.

The 30-mile mark.

We did just shy of 31 miles. She did pretty good. Didn't have to walk the bike up any hills nor use her asthma inhaler.

Wanderer 06-25-14 11:53 AM

What a great thread!

If I were you, I'd buy her whatever she thought she might like - and sort 'em out later...........

Great story - and it continues.

My wife used to ride, was a strong rider, used to like it, and I can't get her on her bike any longer.... darn it!

Doohickie 07-10-14 01:27 PM

Another first... in our most recent ride, she set a personal best for pace - 8.5 mph (this includes non-moving time). That's a pace I can almost deal with :)

bicyclridr4life 08-25-14 09:09 PM

Great thread. Surprise her with the Stella, if it's in your budget. "N+1" you know :)

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