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RocketRod 08-10-12 11:14 AM

Here's mine:

Still waiting on my daughter's new Jamis to get here.

RocketRod 09-22-12 08:39 AM

xjken99 09-28-12 08:08 PM

I added a couple things to the old Schwinn, a new seat, bar tape, saddle bag and a different crank set from another bike in the shed. Here's a shot of the path warrior on the path. I also made similar changes to the Gary Fisher Zebrano along with new pedals and a wireless computer. I need to get some pics of that one yet.

Juggler2 09-28-12 09:51 PM

Mine is a few levels down from ultimate, but I still smile every time I ride it! :)

My Raleigh Sports...

Mark Stone 10-05-12 03:30 PM

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Originally Posted by tractorlegs (Post 14524084)
Here's my newest rig. It's a Giant Escape 2 which is quite possibly the lowest cost adult bike in their line, but for the price it's quite good. IT's got a 6061 frame to build on, so I can upgrade. Tomorrow I'm replacing the stock tires with Continental SportContacts because I'm allergic to flats. I already have good lighting (NiteRider 1500 pro on the front, nice blinkies on the back). Today I pulled off the grips and put on bar ends and a mirror. I'm gonna keep everything black. I got the bike basically for free, I traded an old touring bike I had straight across to an lbs.
No fenders will be put on it because I live in the desert, and no rear rack because I like my backpack. Primary use will be as a recreational/fitness machine.

I finished dressing it up. Here's what it looks like now:

mr,grumpy 10-11-12 09:18 AM

bunch of nice looking bikes there! Lots of imagination on some of them.

RaleighSport 10-11-12 09:54 AM

I don't always ride on bike paths, but when I do it's on this.

xjken99 10-17-12 10:37 PM

2010 Gary Fisher Zebrano that I have added a Nashbar CR2 saddle, Nashbar pedals, Bell wireless computer, bar ends, mirror, small saddle bag, front and rear lights and bar tape.

mr,grumpy 10-18-12 10:21 AM

In looking back at this thread I am amazed at the wide variety of bikes used on bike paths all accross our great nation. What shocks the heck out of me is HOW MUCH ALL THE ACTUAL BIKE PATHS LOOK THE SAME!

ka0use 11-27-12 10:18 PM

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Originally Posted by ebartom (Post 13732516)
We have bike-glows on our bikes, in all different colors. It's really nice for winter commuting, and fun when we're biking home late and each bike (including the kids') is a different color.

i note this started back at the beginning of the year. hope i'm not too late.
as you can see, i have 2 bike glows, purchased before halloween (8 lucious colors). i just love 'em. the add-on before them is a ram mount for my elderly gps. the add-on before that is an alien light up front (made by topeak, in several delicious colors). other mods were to make me ride upright (awful neck injury) + orthopedic stuff.

everyone's bikes are great looking and have given me some ideas on how to add weight to the bike- not counting overeating!

Smokinapankake 01-07-13 06:15 AM

My old '88-ish Giant mountain bike. A few changes from stock.....

My old '85 Peugeot Canyon Express. It, too, has had a few changes from stock:

Love the bike path bikes!

mrchev 03-30-13 04:45 PM

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Signs you have become a parent:

Actually not that bad a setup for the RT!

krobinson103 03-30-13 04:57 PM

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Any one of the basket equipped, modded mtb, or white hybrid depending on my mission.

Woolburr 03-31-13 04:26 AM

2012 Trek Wahoo

plumberroy 03-31-13 07:52 AM

I ride the paths around here because they usually run out through the country or along the river
I ride a custom surly long haul trucker with a flat bar topeak rack, fenders 1st pic is before I got my topeak trunk bag
2nd picture is a close up of my rack/bag and micro fishing set up. The tube has an 8 foot colapsable panfish pole (fiberglass canepole) roll of fly fishing leader for line and an altiods small tin with jigs and small tackle

RickBlane 04-03-13 11:17 PM

Great rides. And great ideas. I'll post mine when I get it closer to done.

ahuman 04-04-13 06:09 PM


Originally Posted by Woolburr (Post 15450553)

I love the look.. looks like its ready for anything


mr,grumpy 06-10-13 08:12 AM


Originally Posted by Woolburr (Post 15450553)

If that's the kind of bike you need to ride the bike paths near you I suggest a grass roots campaign to get some trail work done! (of course "path" might have a different meaning to you.....)

side_FX 06-10-13 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by Woolburr (Post 15450553)

Nice bike, I was admiring the bar ends and I am wondering what else you have hanging off the left bar end?

IndianaRecRider 06-15-13 01:49 PM

It's not much nor anything fancy, but it certainly gets the job done and is a smooth ride.....

2012 Diamondback Edgewood


frugal rider 06-23-13 08:05 PM

went to buy a freezer and came home with...
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I was buying a used freezer and the lady offered me this Giant too, for 45 bucks... Now I bike!

mr,grumpy 07-15-13 10:41 PM

WHat are you all riding this season? Make any changes to the old bikes? Got a new one? Any one venturing off of the Bike Path? On what?

Myosmith 07-16-13 09:22 PM

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Depends on what you mean by "bike path" as around here that can be anything from a concrete MUP through the city park, to gravel rail to trail projects, to unpaved trails through the hills along the rivers. This is my multi-surface, general purpose bike. Low gears and lots of tire.

74dodger 08-03-13 03:13 PM

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Giant Cypress DX. To date, still the most comfortable bike I've ridden.

Murray Missile 12-11-13 07:00 PM

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Time to knock the cobwebs off this thread. Just got this on the road, since the picture was taken I've added lights and a handlebar bag and I'll be installing a rear rack soon. It is my "all around" bike but will probably replace my TREK 820 for paved bike path duties. The TREK with it's wider tires will still be used for the more primitive trails.

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