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longbeachgary 12-01-12 06:28 PM

The state fine may be $25 but then there are administrative fees, local fees, city fees etc.

EriktheFish 02-04-13 05:17 PM

I rode from Anaheim to San Diego when I was 16 and 17 and 18 and....
Not a big deal, but I never did it alone. I usually rode with my younger brothers or other friends.

kevmk81 02-19-13 11:54 AM

Wow. I was riding a bike on roads when I was in middle school. I turned out ok. 16 years old & can't ride on roads. That's sad.

velorider562 03-05-13 12:59 PM

I've done that ride many times. Some sections have moderate traffic, but nothing to worry about. I did the ride the first time at 13 or 14, so a 16 year can do it. There is a section that you need to ride on the freeway or through camp Pendleton. Can a 16 year old ride the base alone, call and check. Do not ride the freeway. 90 miles is a serious distance I would advise you to find someone to ride with, just makes it more fun.

MattCycle 03-10-13 09:46 AM

Depending on the kid I say yes. To become an Eagle Scout, one of the required merit badges is cycling, which stipulates a preplanned 40 mile ride (albiet not on a highway like you would have to from Orange County to SD). Compared to a 10 year old climbing Mt Aconcagua or a 16 year old solo circumnavigating the world, that's nothing. And Orange County and North County are as about as safe as you get and its not like he's in the middle of nowhere, with either train stops back home or you can literally drive there and pick him up.

gunner65 03-21-13 01:38 PM

My parents would have bought me a new bike and wished me happy trails if I had been that ambitous at 16. Instead video games, pot, and chick chasing.

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