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holycow 03-13-13 06:36 PM

Newbie - help please
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found this forum after searching for some help. Me and wife are planning to start biking this season with a 2 yr old to tag around. we are rather new with this. I bought a bicycle for myself (mountain bike) and expect to buy one for wife as well (likely a MTB or a road). I (not the wife) would want to tag a trailer along with the 2 yr old. I scored a schwinn scout trailer at a good price (60 bucks) last December.

As I am trying to fix the trailer to the bike, it is obvious that it is not going to work (the holes don't align. see pictures). There is no room for the black part which needs to go on the bike. Is there an option here besides selling the trailer? If so are there trailers out there that work with this bike? I hate to take a loss on the bike as well as watching the wife drag the trailer all the time.

Please help. thanks in advance

holycow 03-13-13 07:56 PM

Never mind! I found a solution

LiamSkymom 03-20-13 09:43 AM

I see that you already solved your problem. I should say though that my DH manufactured our own parts to attach to our bikes so we could switch the trailer back and forth between our bikes. Of course, as soon as he did that, our boys grew out of wanting to ride in the trailer. If you have a little bit of a workshop, you can do it yourself.

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