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foamer86 03-15-13 08:16 PM

Cycling Safely with a Trailer??

I have an almost year old daughter and I want to get back into riding. I want to hook a trailer to my road or hybrid biker, but can't really think of a good area to ride with her attached. I live in Northern New Jersey and am trying to find a good trail or area with full shoulder for the entire ride. Does anyone have any suggestions??


Box worthy 03-16-13 07:33 PM

Hi Craig,
Welcome to the forum and back to biking. I have found this forum to be full of useful information. Sorry I can not answer to where to go in New Jersey only to a website that might help,I am sure other members will chime in over the next few days.


cplager 03-17-13 05:19 AM is a great site. I'd also recommend the Northeast forum on this site.

jerseyJim 03-17-13 05:37 AM

hi Craig The Saddle River Pathway is a six mile paved trail that runs from Saddle Brook to Ridgewood or Glen Rock.

steve0257 03-17-13 06:17 PM

Some states and cities have maps of trails in their area. You might try checking your local city website

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