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bunkiefd4 04-01-13 12:06 PM

Hello guys....
Hey guys, new to the sight and loving it! My wife and I just got into biking and were having a great time with it. It's something we've been wanting to do for a while. I've been having this Mongoose mountain bike that I bought for like $130 at Walmart for two years now and we whent out and bought her a (what I call) beach cruiser that she really likes. Well we have a set of one year old twin girls that we tag along with us so I bought a bike trailer also, that works out really well. The kids enjoy riding in there also. I'm starting to get addicted to this bike riding! I'm even riding my bike back and forth to the firehouse for work. I live 4.8 miles from the station and it makes for a nice ride. I tell you, after not riding a bike for a long time really gets those legs burning quick lol. But I fight through it and roll. That bike I have though ain't the best, the shifter on the front won't get the chain to jump up to the biggest sprocket. I have to do it by hand. Not sure how to make it work, I've tweaked with it a good bit and it still won't work. Then on the back i cant get the chain to go on the smallest sprocket so i can get rolling quick. Tweaked with it a little but no luck. And that bike is really heavy. Like I said its a regular ole mountain bike from wolly world. I'm looking to upgrade to something better. The thing is, here's what I need. I need a bike that I can pull the bike trailer with, something light, something I can ride back and forth to work. Oh and i want smooth tires Instead of nobbys. I'm looking at the Trek 8.3DS. Would that be good to get started? If not, throw some ideas at me.

bunkiefd4 04-01-13 12:07 PM

Thanks for any input. Robert Normand, from Bunkie Louisiana.

bunkiefd4 04-01-13 01:27 PM

Are how about the Trek 3500 disk?

kardar2 04-01-13 09:37 PM

Not sure if you got hill but as your daughter get bigger so will their weight so what bike you make sure you a wide range of gears (low gears) as for a quick fix on your bike now jump onto youtube and do a search on bicycle maint. Or. Adjustment on bicycle gears. And it head you in the right direction. There is also they have a bike manual and that will save you some money on repair bills. Your local bike shop (lbs) is a great place for info too. Good luck my friend.

bunkiefd4 04-02-13 04:54 AM

I didn't even think about going on YouTube to watch instructional videos, man good point. Thanks. Yea I'm definitely gonna get something with gears. I'm really liking that Trek 3500 disk. A dealer 45 miles away from here has them, I'm gonna make a lil trip to go check them out.

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