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mr,grumpy 07-18-13 08:22 AM

Gave a Bike to a friend. What a thrill.
There is a girl I know who is having a rough time. She wrecked her car but fortunately, she lives in the city and has been able to hoof it from place to place. Her only complaint is that it takes so long to get from A to B. I had an old MTB laying around, about her size, and i sent it out to get tuned up and repaired. I put my son's old bike seat on it (as he prefers his trailer any way), bought her a good lock (and a bell) and surprised her with it. We went out to the state forest for a ride for her to break it in. She had a BLAST riding on the dirt roads and main trails. It was nothing TOO technical or tricky, but I was certainly surprised that she didn't crash AT ALL. She followed my lines as best she could, except going up hills when I hat to try to follow HER! She waited for me though. She sound like a little kid back there. She had a blast! When I dropped her off back in the CIty she found the first excuse that she could and took off! She rode that bike around all night and all morning so fat today. She's called me about twenty times asking me questions and telling me all about her experiences. I didn't realize that she never really had a bike before. She has borrowed other peoples from time to time but this one is hers and it really seems to be different and more exciting for her. I am getting the biggest kick out of her getting a kick out of this bike.

cplager 07-18-13 10:26 AM

Nicely done. :D

McJim 07-18-13 10:29 AM

That's great. One of my brothers in law had his car break down and I loaned him a MTB. He rode it once then threw up. Glad to hear someone else got a more positive result! :)

Pavao 07-18-13 10:35 AM

I don't do forums much, of any kind, having just joined here a couple minutes ago and reading your post couldn't be more welcoming and heart worming, what a nice gesture, proud to be a biker!!!!

ka0use 07-23-13 11:45 AM

now intro her to a co-op if there's one around.

556x45 08-13-13 12:29 AM

That's an awesome gesture on your part, and that's great that she had such wonderful results! :)

TXsailor 08-24-13 11:35 PM

There is something special about having a bike, somehow its more personal than a car. When I was a kid my bike was my ticket to freedom and I loved it. She probably feels the same way. You got the best end of the deal. You got to see her with that gleam in her eyes and smile on her face. That's priceless!

mr,grumpy 08-27-13 08:24 AM

So, I had the opportunity to drive across the small city in which she lives recently. No way I would want to live there and NOT use a bike for getting around. Perfect place to peddle.

Ed702 09-06-13 10:44 AM

Generous gesture, pedal it forward! :)

Floyd 09-14-13 07:56 PM

A good gesture will come back, not that you are waiting for it.... People have found that I am a bicycle nut and sometimes give me bikes,,, so I in turn give them on to others too, usually a charity that I know that has someone once in a while that needs a bike to get to work...

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