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jbher 08-28-13 10:56 AM

Looking to buy my 1st bike... Trek Allant WSD?
Hi there!

I'm looking to start biking with my family (my husband rides a recumbent and my two young kids both have specialized bikes). I have a Burley I'll need to pull for my 3rd kiddo. I'm looking at the Trek Allant WSD ( and with them being on sale locally this week I am wondering what is the general consensus on them? I am preferring the look of the navy/blue-ish Allant ( but like the features of the WSD so am torn. Have not seen either in person yet! I am going either tonight or tomorrow to test one out. Not sure what sort of things I should be looking for at all.

Will be mainly just doing rides that are under 20 miles, with 50% of those being closer to 5-10 miles (when we go out with the kids).


VegasTriker 08-28-13 06:27 PM

The MSRP for the 2012 model was $549 according to Bikepedia, a trade organization for the bicycle industry. You can read reviews of current owners at The owners who posted seem pretty happy with the bike. It is pretty typical of the bikes that run around $500. Obviously the components are not "high end" but they probably will work OK from what the reviewers reported. If you are just a casual rider, this one should be a decent choice.

Lanovran 08-28-13 07:11 PM

The Allant is designed to be more of a "European-style" city bike, with an upright riding posture, curved-back handlebar, fenders, front rack (for a basket or larger handlebar bag), and cushier cruiser-style saddle. It's definitely not a lightweight bike, nor is it built for any kind of speed. It should do all right with a Burley trailer, as long as you don't mind a bit of extra pedaling effort for the added weight. If you're looking at Treks, you might also want to check out their Verve line. That being said, though, the Allants are certainly comfortable, smoothly riding bikes. My shop manager owns one, and uses it for short shopping runs, going to the library, etc.

spivonious 11-01-13 09:46 AM

I've got a 2012 diamond-frame. It's not navy/blueish - it's gray. I don't know if I'd get it again...I'd probably stick with something more like the Crossrip, but it's been great for my commute.

upright position in traffic
good rack (WSD comes with a different rack)
fenders come stock

Heavy (40 pounds with empty panniers)
upright position in a headwind
drivetrain hasn't held up well (riding in all weather)

For strictly recreational riding, I'd check out Trek's FX series. Much more capable off-road.

NormanF 06-19-14 07:51 AM

I think why its sold well is that its an every day utility/commuter bike.

It makes sense for people who knew the Raleigh Sports/Schwinn Suburbans in their childhood.

Its not a bike made for strictly recreational riding but for everything else you want to do, its hard to beat for the price and there isn't anything really wrong with the European city bike.

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