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bbontheb 09-07-13 06:52 PM

1st Post. How do I find a cargo bike that suits our needs?
Completely new to cargo bikes. Fascinated already. We have 4 kids but 2 are on their own bikes now. Second to youngest is on a run/balance bike but often ends up riding in the bike trailer my husband hooks up to his bike. I have a ladies mountain bike, hardly used obviously and it just isn't working for me. So, I'm made it this far. I want a bike that I can use, that works better for our needs, and I can carry a child with/on if needed, or other items. I cannot find any search functions or comparisons to help me figure out how to wrap my head around all the types, kinds, functions...I can't just pay for it now I have to save up a lot so it gives me time to do my research.

So, I am here to ask. Can you help me? Here are a few of my needs/ specifics:

-Rider is 5'3. Not super strong person....
-I do have a bit of arthritis in my hips already therefore need a step through bike. Having hard time on my reg mtn bike.
-Bike would mostly be used for casual riding, some hills. To take on flatter trails, on the road, and around town. Actually, more steep hills where we live could be compared to some in San Francisco. (A few of them)
-Would like some space for cargo-bags, groceries, etc.
-Option to carry a child or two. One could be okay. Even if it's a bike seat?
-Not super huge/long. Small living space/smaller storage space, etc etc.
-Option for electric assist? Maybe an add on later down the road?
-Want to be able to use it on a dirt gravely path with small ups and downs if needed. So, I think some gears are necessary haha.
-I didn't like even trying to pull a bike trailer so I'm not sure if this means I won't like a cargo bike or a certain style. Seemed way to all over the place, hard to pull, etc.
-Interested in those cargo side cars...can you strap a carseat on it? lol

Aesthetically-I like front cargo space and back haha. I like those wood boxes but they look too big for my taste. I super duper love wood, or brown leather seats (LOL), and want a bike that is good in the rainy weather.

fietsbob 09-07-13 08:21 PM

bakfiets is wherethe box is in front , lowboy like , Xtracycle is a long load rack extension in the back.

there are kits to modify a Mountain Bike or step thru 26" wheel frame you may have , or can find ..

have you asked at the Local Bike Shop? . they will save you shipping over finding a remote retailer

who will add shipping on top of their retail Margin

Trek transport plus is a long tail , the plus is a electric motor rear wheel ..
But hub motor's dont have the massive torque to pull a load up a steep hill .

trestlehed 09-09-13 11:09 AM

Some informative cargo bike links:

amdoo 09-14-13 09:09 PM

The step through requirement and slightly compact points to a Yuba Boda Boda. Fair amount of cargo capacity but not a full-on longtail.

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