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Bandrada 12-26-13 09:36 PM

White Ridge, NM
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I'm always searching for new places to ride with my two young boys. When the eldest was around 5 years, I figured White Ridge (then called White Mesa) was as good of a place as any to grit his teeth. Now that my youngest, Jacob, is developing his biking skills, I thought it might be fun to test the waters, again. I had my doubts, as we are kind of short on "trail worthy" steeds, but we made the best of it with what we had. Tye, the oldest, is on a dirtjumper that I purchased earlier this year, an the youngest, Jake, is on an Intense mini that just so happened to be the bike that Tye rode on his first time here. Anyway, White Ridges is, in my opinion, an awesome place for beginners. It really has everything you'd ever want in an MTB ride...views, tech, flow, you name it.:thumb:

Here is 14 REALLY good examples:

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