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bjorsa 03-02-14 07:11 PM

Mounting a Burley Piccolo to a Tubus Airy?
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Me and my kid have been oogling tag-alongs for a while, but it just doesn't feel safe mounting one to my thin alu seatpost. So a Piccolo perhaps would be better and it also seems popular on the internets. It does however only fit Burley's own Moose Rack.

Being in love with my Tubus Air rack, I'd hate to have to switch it out for some weight-weenie heresy. Most of the time I use the bike just by myself anyways, mostly for fast paced commuting.

Do you think it would be difficult to mod the attachment device to fit? The Tubus is really narrow, only 66 mm wide @ the top.

More importantly, would you consider it safe to use a rack not designed for it? The Tubus is quite strong, designed to carry 30kg and never wobbly even with my panniers stuffed with groceries; but still?

Hasty pic of the bike (Backroad tourer frame):

CharlyAlfaRomeo 03-02-14 08:52 PM

Wouldn't putting a steel seatpost in be the simplest course of action?

cplager 03-03-14 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by CharlyAlfaRomeo (Post 16542569)
Wouldn't putting a steel seatpost in be the simplest course of action?

Not only that, I've gotta believe that mounting a tag-along on a "thin" aluminum seatpost very close to the frame of the bike is going to be much more secure than attaching to a rack (particularly a rack not designed for such forces).

If you're concerned, get a steel seatpost. But I think it's likely you'd be making the situation more dangerous, not less (and significantly so).

fietsbob 03-03-14 02:42 PM

Solution : N+1

get a less racy bicycle and get the Piccolo rear rack for the bike.

you have more forces to deal with from that passenger on the back with a mind of their own..

and so just bite the bullet and work from the Piccolo rack mounting

requirements on selecting the family typical bike , that is less go fast . ..

rear rack can also haul grocerys to feed that little auxiliary power unit ..


rm -rf 03-03-14 04:24 PM

Your seatpost has to hold up a 300 pound rider without breaking. It's strong.

The rack is attached with small bolts like this:

bjorsa 03-05-14 02:46 PM

Thanks to all above, I appreciate your input and have decided you most definitely are smarter than me. I'll get a secondary bike or a tag-along designed to fit the seatpost, even if it means I'll miss out on the praised Burley.

fietsbob 03-05-14 08:14 PM

If you commute daily a backup bike will come in handy some day even if it's a HYBRID .

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