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Johnny Mullet 06-10-14 07:48 PM

Giving my Dog a Bike Ride
I don't care what my friends say! My little dog (Peanut) loves to go on bike rides with me, so when I can't go on a long ride after work on one of my good bikes because of the weather or time restraints, I break out the old Huffy with the basket and take my dog for a quick spin up and down the road..........

Here is a video. I know I was all over the road, but it was hard to film and ride at the same time LOL................

Johnny Mullet 06-10-14 07:49 PM

Yes, my dog has a mullet too!

achoo 06-11-14 01:29 PM

Looks like a happy camper.

I don't think I could do that - I'd be too worried I'd dump the critter.

LordMarv 06-12-14 05:10 AM

I think that's seriously cool. Peanut the Wonder Dog! If he'd keep it on, they make dog sized motorcycle helmets...that'd be great. I have a chihuahua pup named Scrappy....he's pretty adventurous for a 5 month old, am thinking of rigging up some kind of a front facing chest pack to see if he'd ride around the neighbourhood with me.

okane 06-12-14 06:00 AM

I posted this photo before
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Originally Posted by achoo (Post 16842469)
Looks like a happy camper.

I don't think I could do that - I'd be too worried I'd dump the critter.

I had to use a Wald super size basket 'cause Lucky Dog weighs a bit over 20 lbs. and I wanted something more secure than a non-metal basket. Struts on the Wald mount on an axel but with QR axel, I had to make modifications. Merv's Bike Shop in Shippensburg fitted a longer hollow axel which was nutted to the dropout. He left just enough extra axel length so that the strut would fit flush with the end of the axel and I could then use a QR skewer to hold on the strut. Takes about 2 minutes to install or remove, but because the axel is nutted, I do need to carry a wrench to remove the front wheel in the event of a flat. I also had to modify the handlebar attachments due to their too wide spacing.

I then cut a sponge rubber base for the inside of the basket, glued it to door carboard, and covered it with a pillowcase.

Lucky dog wears a harness (neck leash is bad idea) tied to the basket so he can't fall or jump out.

None of this was expensive. Took a bit of time and effort but was a fun project.

Only down side is I now have almost 25 extra lbs on my front wheel. Handling is quite sluggish and you need to keep your mind in the game as steering corrections are anything but quick and nimble.

His longest ride was about 35 miles. It was a bit chilly (45) on the day I took the photo, thus the sweater, but I wouldn't take him out in weather any colder.

Johnny Mullet 06-16-14 04:57 PM

I tried taking him on a longer ride and when we encountered another dog running free and it chased us, I thought he was going to jump out and pounce on the other dog and after holding him in one arm and trying to ride away slowly with a crazy beagle attacking my back tire, I almost wrecked. And the dog owners were on the front porch and never yelled at the dog or anything. They just sat there and watched :mad:

So for now on, Peanut and I stay within 1/2 mile from home.

registrar 07-24-14 10:38 PM

Might need a Dog helmet , LOL !

Johnny Mullet 09-21-14 09:53 AM

Here is a video from today's ride with the dog. We do this weekly.................

Pink Jersey 09-27-14 10:56 AM

That is so cute! I have a dog too, but he is a big dog. Unfortunately he pulls on the leash too much (he is a sled dog). I don't risk going on the bike with him (holding the leash, he wouldn't fit in a basket).

Johnny Mullet 10-05-14 04:05 PM

Girly basket on my Reflex. Maybe not.

Johnny Mullet 10-20-14 05:37 PM

Why my wife's bike gets more miles than mine............

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