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katit 06-12-14 01:34 PM

Economical way to upgrade my daughter's bike
We just started to do recreational rides as a family. I pull 6yo on a "trailer bike" which makes me almost as slow as my wife
I got Motobecane Elite Adventure and my wife got Motobecane Latte disc. Her bike is faster, but we doing OK riding together.

Problem we have is with my 11yo daughter. She rides bike that was given to us(Diamondback). Fit is good, just right size. I tuned it, all works nice and smooth. However she can't keep up with us. One thing is she have "mountain" tires and another thing - brakes is not very good. I wouldn't mind doing something about this but don't wan't to buy bike she will overgrow in 2 years. Will changing tires improve her speed? It's 24 inch tires. Or it's just kid not being able to keep up?

She does good on flats but hills is really bad.

himespau 06-12-14 01:58 PM

If you only ride on the road, slick tires should make a difference. Those and new brake pads shouldn't be that expensive of upgrades. Other than that, making sure everything is lubed and not rubbing is about as far as I'd go.

Wanderer 06-12-14 02:21 PM

Get a quality set of narrower slicks for the tires, and a set of Kool Stop Salmon Pads for brakes. It will make a big difference in both. Make sure you keep the tires aired up to recommended pressures. Then, clean it up, and lubricate all moving parts with some bicycle oil. Wipe off any excess with an old rag.

cplager 06-12-14 04:41 PM

What they said. The tire change will make huge difference.

delcrossv 06-13-14 08:48 AM

+1 Tires.

Johnny Mullet 06-16-14 04:51 PM

I have to agree with the others. Thinner, low resistance tires will make all the difference in the world. As far as brakes, maybe try a better name brand brake pad?

katit 06-16-14 08:21 PM

Ordered Sunlite Street Tire 24 x 1.75 Black/Black and Kool Stop Eagle Claw 2 Brake Shoes, Cantilever Pair Salmon

Will see how it goes. Thanks for all advice!

linnefaulk 06-17-14 05:47 AM

But won't the 6 year old be able to grow into the bike in a few years?

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