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rperlah 06-18-14 08:26 AM

Tag along bike doesn't fit on my bike seat- help!
Hi- I am a short woman (5'1") and in order for my bike to fit me, I have to have my seat post all the way down... Which means that my son's Trail-a-Bike (made by Adams) doesn't have any way to attach to my seat post.

Anyone have any ideas for an adaptor or hack that could help me ride with my son this summer?

Many thanks.

cplager 06-18-14 10:58 AM

One option is get a smaller (used) bike where you can raise the seat. I used a gator towing bar with my daughters bike attached to my folding bike (not really recommended for a real tag-a-long).

Burley Piccalo
uses a special rear rack. The downside is that they aren't cheap (you might have luck looking for a used one).

You may be able to get a "flatter" saddle so that you can have the same seat height, but still be able to to fit the attachment.

rperlah 06-18-14 11:19 AM

All good thoughts, thanks for the reply...

I was already thinking about trying a flatter saddle (though I'm not sure it will give me the clearance needed)

As for the other two suggestions, I have considered both (new bike or new tag along), but each seem a little cost prohibitive.

Was hoping to find a creative "hack" to make the existing hardware work together...

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