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eja_ bottecchia 04-09-20 08:03 AM

1959 Cadillac “recumbent” bike
OK, I may be persuaded to ride a bent if it looked like this. :D

VegasTriker 04-09-20 08:53 AM

Not me. Looks like a Cadillac and weighs like it too. My one-speed Schwine (pig of a bike) of my childhood was enough of a tank thank you very much.

AlmostTrick 04-09-20 09:43 AM

Sweet, would ride.

curbtender 04-09-20 09:51 AM

Be hard to get the gangster lean going. Neat bike.

BlazingPedals 04-09-20 10:09 AM

Like the article noted, it's been around for 20+ years. One-of-a-kind, for looks only. My guess it that it's a single-speed with a coaster brake. Should have made the seat bigger - that's barely a perch.

Moe Zhoost 04-10-20 06:53 AM

Robert Egger has done some incredible designs. Here's another:

rydabent 04-10-20 11:58 AM

That Caddy bike would be the hit of a big parade.

osco53 05-08-20 03:23 PM

Hahahaha, It would be sweet to ride around the neighborhood until just after everybody saw you on it
and no longer looked up and waved as you rode by,
Then It would be a conversation piece or garage art :P
But If kept up It would be a fast sell over and over,
I'm perfectly happy admiring it like this,,on my pc,,

Now If someone was to hide a motor and battery Inside with bunches of torque It might get ridden more,

Notso_fastLane 05-12-20 12:24 PM

Originally Posted by AlmostTrick (Post 21409066)
Sweet, would ride.

Agreed. It wouldn't be my daily commuter, but I totally ride that in all the local parades, and for the occasional leisurely ride.

BlazingPedals 05-12-20 01:16 PM

I wonder if the "S" on the wheel covers predates Specialized?

tallbikeman 08-29-20 10:59 PM

No shame in wanting to ride these two bikes. We have a club in Sacramento that specializes in custom low rider bikes. Some of them are awesome and these two bikes would be instant hits. I expect the Cadillac to have a fully functioning sound system. That and fully functioning headlight and taillight. High beams, brake lights and turn signals. Why not, my fantasy. Is that a trick kickstand on the Cadillac bike protruding from the bottom?

Mr. 66 08-30-20 09:14 AM

I guy did this not far from me.

GeezyRider 09-01-20 09:09 AM

^Would like to see a picture of this from behind to see how he finished the rear.

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