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Scubaquarius 07-14-20 11:29 AM

New to Recumbent Bikes...Would Appreciate Advice

My wife is 65 yo. Last year she developed balance issues and I would like to get her a recumbent trike. But I don't have much knowledge about them....what to buy,
quality wise, and so forth.

Our one local dealer sells Sun Seeker recumbent trikes but is backordered till September. I would very much appreciate your help with some information:
(1) is Sun Seeker a decent recumbent trike and
(2) Any other brands you may suggest for someone new to recumbents, still wanting a degree of quality.

Thank you for your help,

MinnMan 07-14-20 11:37 AM

I'm not the resident expert, but I just bought a Catrike Eola (see recent thread). From the point of view of manufacturing and design, I'd say it's a quality product.

BUT, it's low to the ground and I wonder if getting in and out of it could be an issue for somebody with balance issues.

Scubaquarius 07-14-20 11:56 AM

Thanks so much for the recommendation. I'll consider the low to the ground issue...could be difficult for her.

Happy cycling,

BlazingPedals 07-14-20 06:15 PM

As a rule of thumb, tadpole trikes (2 wheels in front) are generally lower to the ground than delta trikes (2 wheels in back.) Tadpole trikes are the most popular style, at least in the US, because they're more stable. It's harder to tip them in turns.

Sun/Sunseeker is more toward the low-price end of the spectrum. Their advantages are that they have many models to choose from, their components are good for the price point, and any bike shop with a J&B catalog can order one for you. The disadvantage is that they tend to weight much more than their competition. That alone disqualifies them from serious enthusiast riding, although they're fine for shorter, low-speed stuff like trails/MUPs.

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