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linberl 03-15-22 04:30 PM

Considering and need some input
I am a regular 2 wheel rider (Bike Friday) but a pending medical diagnosis may require me to switch to a trike. While I will miss riding my BF tremendously, the idea of not riding at all is unacceptable. So I will make whatever modifications I can, within a limited budget.
I currently own an e-assist that can easily be mounted on a front wheel delta trike. Using my current system would save me some $ and allow me to spend a bit more on a trike. However, I've never ridden a trike, there aren't many shops around that sell them, so it's
possible I would be buying online. If I don't have to buy a new motor, my budget would be $2k max. I'm 72 so my riding days are more behind me than ahead, I use my bike to get everywhere on mainly flat surfaces, and pull my Burley Travoy home from Costco with
a full load. I am guessing the "jump on Bart after folding the BF" thing is not going to work with a recumbent, so my range will be a bit more limited, but that's just one of many compromises.

Anyway, given that 15mph is a fine speed imo, and I prefer a higher seating position for visibility and comfort, does anyone have thoughts on a delta trike within my budget? I wrench my own bike and will continue to do so, although I'll have to learn a few things specific to
a trike.. In my parts box I already have a pretty decent rear der I can swap out for the cheap ones, I've got my own pedals as well. I'm used to upgrading as things wear out and I have a fair set of tools.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice.

VegasTriker 03-15-22 08:38 PM

See private message I sent you.

BlazingPedals 03-17-22 01:26 PM

That budget is likely going to require going used. With the recent (past 10 years) of trike popularity, all the brands have gone significantly up in price. One brand to look for on Craigslist, et al, is Sun (Sunseeker.)

10 Wheels 03-17-22 02:03 PM

I went to Trikes after a 2 Wheel crash.
Used Pool Noodles to raise the seat as a help to get on and off.

linberl 03-17-22 04:43 PM

Seem like there are a few new ones in my price range: Sun Delta sx, Sun tri-classic, in the delta style. If I consider tadpoles, there are the Trident Spike and Sun eco-tad that would be options. As suggested, I could figure out something to lift the seat on a tadpole although it does seem like they all recline a bit more in the upper body (especially if you're short and the seat is more forward). I concerned about my ability to see around traffic as well as be seen. At intersections, not sure if it is better to be on a tadpole with the tires and your body right at the curb, or slightly back from the curb
with your body and the front tire at the street. If you're easing out slowly into an intersection to see around a parked truck, for example, a car would be more likely to hit your bike than your body with a delta style. Anyone riding either style in regular traffic? This is "my car" not just a
pathways exerciser. I can't always be in bike lanes, etc.

BlazingPedals 03-18-22 07:03 PM

If you want to use a front wheel e-boost unit, that won't work on a tadpole. Otherwise, if you're willing to go tad, there's also Terratrike. TTs used to have steel frames, which would be better if you decided to add a mid-drive electric assist later.

linberl 03-19-22 09:54 AM

Originally Posted by BlazingPedals (Post 22443530)
If you want to use a front wheel e-boost unit, that won't work on a tadpole. Otherwise, if you're willing to go tad, there's also Terratrike. TTs used to have steel frames, which would be better if you decided to add a mid-drive electric assist later.

I'm thinking front mount hub (assuming I can't get another battery for my current front mount system which I could move to a trike). I really don't need the power and climbing ability of a mid-drive, a simple 36v would be just fine, not planning on going very fast with it.

As I was considering how a trike would work for me - riding 80% of the time in traffic in a busy urban area, often where there are no bike lanes - I was thinking the delta would be an advantage, Easier to see and be seen, also at intersections if I have to creep out to see around
a parked truck or something, an oncoming car might hit the front end and wreck the bike but probably wouldn't hit my body. With a tadpole, creeping out puts my body out there first. The things you gotta think about, lol.

PhilWinIL 03-19-22 01:18 PM

When we cleaned out my inlaw's garage, we came across a Sun EZ-3 three wheeler. Like the EZ-1 I have, it has a heavy frame, but when you are seated on it you are at the almost the same level as drivers. My top speed on the EZ-1 is 15mph. To go much over that a change in the gearing would be needed.

At the time we were house-cleaning, we did not have the storage space for an EZ-3 in the garage, so it was taken to the LBS on consignment. It sold the next day. There is a good write-up on them here:

I would think it could be fitted with an e-bike upgrade kit.

Good luck!


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