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adlai 04-19-22 07:41 AM

Thinking about recumbents recently
I've always been a bicycle guy but I've been thinking about recumbents recently. It seems like electric motors and recumbents are a better fit than bicycles and electrics.

Why isn't there a front wheel drive recumbent? It seems that the long chainline to the rear wheel results in a lot of power losses. Couldn't a sort of FWD be done with a recumbent?

GhostRider62 04-19-22 08:29 AM

Cruzbikes makes "front wheel drive" recumbents. Putting the drive and steering axis on the same wheel takes a little practice to ride well

Harhir 04-19-22 10:53 AM

As mentioned above there are FWD recumbents. A few manufacturers make them. Cruzbikes, Performer cycles, Velotegra,
I have never ridden one but I am not sure how it feels pedaling when you are turning the front wheel.
And if you are worried about performance loss in the chain by using a mid drive motor you could also opt for hub motor in either the front wheel or the rear wheel. There are various options.

BlazingPedals 04-19-22 06:47 PM

Where do you think the motor should go?

GhostRider62 04-19-22 07:35 PM

Just put one of those little hidden tour de france motors in the front derailleur mast. Plenty of room in the boom for a massive battery.

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