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newbert 05-06-22 05:46 PM

Pedal Masher with Questions About Shoes and Clips
The more I ride my recumbent trike (It's only been about 6 weeks), the more I'm convinced that perhaps I should go with cycling shoes and clips, after all. I'm a pedal masher who just wears sneakers when riding. I've been using flat pedals with heel cups, and my uneven pedaling motion is quite apparent. I want to develop a more efficient pedaling motion - to include pulling as well as pushing the pedals. Hence the thoughts about going "clipless" with shoes. I know next to nothing about this so here are my questions:

1. I have a stationary bike and a recumbent trike - each with a different mfr of clipless pedals. Is it possible to purchase one pair of shoes that would be compatible with both?

2.. Can different clips be interchanged on a given pair of shoes (for different manufacturers pedals? Or would 2 sets of shoes be required?

3. In either case, where do you guys purchase your shoes from? And which style/type of cycling shoe would you recommend for someone like me - new to clipless with feet that are difficult to find comfortable shoes for (in general). Size required is 8-1/2 W. I'd prefer to be able to try shoes on in person. But, if online is the best option, I'd need to purchase from somewhere with a generous return policy.


linberl 05-06-22 05:52 PM

You could consider something like power grips as an in between step. google them. Then go to the hardware store and get a foot of double-sided velcro (the kind that sticks to itself). Cut 2 strips, lace thru your pedals at an angle from underneath, and. velcro on top. Sit on the trike, set your feet comfortably, and the adjust the velcro over your shoe. You enter the velcro at an angle with your toe and the straighten your foot on the pedal which tightens the velcro. Adjust length as needed. It'll cost you less than two bucks, works as good as the power grip straps do (I've owned them) and you can pull and push. The "pull" is not as perfect as with clipless but it might be enough for you,, or not. I got my trike recently as well. I did this at first but find I like to move my toes around the pedal when I ride to avoid sore spots, so I ran it under and around me heels which is working fine for me.

newbert 05-07-22 05:57 AM

Excellent idea, Linberi. Thanks!

BlazingPedals 05-10-22 10:03 AM

If you are going the clipless route, I've found that SPD tends to work no matter who makes the pedals. Not like road cleats of which there seem to be an endless variety that all look alike but aren't interchangeable. It's really not practical to change cleats every time you want to switch bikes.

10 Wheels 05-10-22 10:11 AM

I went with Mallet Pedals and Mountain bike shoes as I can wear them all day and Walking is no problem.
Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Pedals | eBay

Tony Marley 05-12-22 01:26 AM

I agree with Blazing Pedals. I recommend SPD. You can get either shoes or sandals for SPD and I have found walking long distances fine with both.

I would also buy a cheap pair of SPD pedals and put them on the stationary bike.

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