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aftiel 04-27-01 09:48 AM

hi there -

this is my first post; i'm not an avid cycler, but i would like to be - along with my partner who has cerebral palsy. he is very active, he gets around a lot, and we are looking to increase our shared outdoor activities.

we currently live in brooklyn, ny, but we are looking to move upstate soon [poughkeepsie-new paltz area]. we would love to find an area retailer that sells handcycles so that he could try them out before we order a super-expensive piece of equipment.

does anybody know of a new york area location where he could take some things for a spin?

if this is the wrong forum, i apologize. i didn't see something immediately that was geared toward people with disabilities. can someone redirect me if there is a more proper forum?

thanks millions,

Joe Gardner 04-27-01 12:30 PM

Your at the right place, im sure somebody here will beable to help you, but let me give you a start.

There is a local handcycle dealer in NYC called Oasis, there website is They sell a few different hand cycles, and quite a few other products. Im sure if you call them, or send them an email they will let you come down to there shop and test ride a few models.

Another good general handcycling site, is , they have a great buyers guide too.

aftiel 04-27-01 01:20 PM


i ran out of time to look at it today, but i'll certainly give them a call when I have time.

thank you for your fast's really great of you to pass on that information. it's very important to us; being able to do something like try a bike that's built for him means so much to me. and to him! to ride together - wow!

be well,

Joe Gardner 04-27-01 01:32 PM

Glad i could help, feel free to post on the forums any time :)

Robbie 05-15-01 07:30 PM

You can go to and sign up there is a database with hancyclist all over the world. Or you can go to to see all the latest in Handcycles.

get cranking

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