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MaxBender 05-02-06 04:50 PM

Ran a car off the road
So I did the Brag spring tune up last weekend on my Rocket.

Riding in a pack of wedgies, I waved to a car going the opposite direction.

In my mirror, I saw the dust kick up from the side of the road, as the driver ran off the pavement, the whole time staring back at my "wierd" bike.

Bents are fun. :D

World Tour 05-02-06 06:07 PM

Ooops, did you give her cpr? ;)

bikerbob1 05-03-06 09:02 AM

I had a similar experience. I was a newbie on my recumbent and after a pull up an incline I stopped well off to the side of the street to rest my legs. Recumbents are very rare here. As I was resting along came a classic Mustang and he stopped for a pedistrian in a crosswalk. I was admiring the Mustang and WHAM a another car slams into the back of the Mustang. Driver of Mustang emerges rubbing his neck and cursing at his buddy who had done the foul deed. Other driver says in his defence that he was too busy looking at the weird bike sitiing off to the side.

LittleBigMan 05-08-06 09:07 AM

Yup, I hope that loud CRASH! I heard one day wasn't my fault! :eek:

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