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CSCman 05-08-06 12:28 PM

Bents and Computers
My father-in-law recently purchased 2 Sun 3 wheeled recumbents (EZ TAD SX & EZ 3 USX). He is wanting to get a computer put on them. But on both those the stearing and handlebars so to speak are below the seat. Does any one have a computer set up on these or know how to do it where it would be able to be seen while riding?

VegasTriker 05-08-06 03:03 PM

Where to mount a computer
It varies with the trike. My first trike, a Wizwheelz presented three problems, how to mount the sensor so it could read the impulses from the magnet, the fact that the distance between the handlebar and the sensor mount adjacent to the rear wheel was too far for a standard wired computer, and where to mount the readout. I bought a cheepie dual computer (i.e., one computer with two sets of mounts and magnets) from Nashbar and cut the wire that connects the computer base to the sensor so that I could splice in an extra two feet of wire. Insulated the cut ends with J B Weld after soldering the wires together as it both insulated the cut and strengthened the joint. I used a piece of foam pipe insulation around the frame adjacent to the wheel to position the sensor close enough to the magnet to get a reading and held both in place with the standard cable ties. I mounted the computer holder on the handlebar to my left just below the brake handle. It was close to me and no problem to glance down at it occasionally to check speed or distance. It has worked perfectly for several thousand miles.

If your trike has a mirror mount on the front wheel, somebody out there sells an accessory mount that fits right on the stalk where you mount the mirror. My Greenspeed trike has a mirror and came with the mount for a computer. It is nice since the computer is close but in front of me and the distance between the mount and the wheel is short enough for any normal length computer wire. You might be able to get it from a Greenspeed dealer.

joelw135 05-09-06 07:25 AM

If you look on my web page maybe you can get an idea. After you enter the site there is a project page with photos.

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