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RHNiles 02-10-03 07:00 PM

I'm In!
I just finished reading Rick's post from Canada and I thought I would put my 2 cents in. I'm also a Rick but I haven't reached that old age of 47 yet! I'm still a babe at 46!!! I try to get out everyday and ride my V-Rex to work and back which is total of about 6.5 miles straight line, but for some unknown reason the bike just has a mind of it's own:p and it usually ends up taking me a round about way to and from work! Not that I mind, in this group you have to be laid back and go with the flow!
Add me to the ever expanding group of bent riders that is on the thread!

Looking forward to meeting you all on the road,

tayman 02-18-03 03:52 PM

Hello Rick....Welcome... I wish I could ride my Rocket exclusively. I ride my wedgie back and forth to work daily, only because the security guards won't afford bikes the courtesy of locking them up on the inside of the fence, where they would be safe. "That's for motorcycles only" they say. I'm not about to leave mine outside the fence over-nite, where someone could cut the lock and be gone under the cover of darkness. So my riding comes mostly after supper and on the weekends with my group...Rick.. Favorite comment - "Aren't you afraid you'll fall asleep riding that thing".

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