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cyclenow58 03-20-03 09:16 PM

What turned you on,
What turned you on,to recumbents?When i was a roadie i would see a recumbent and think cool bike , but the rider was usually
older or overweight .I would ride on and that was that.ONE day
I pass this girl at a corner on a v2, cool bike,i rode on and before
I knew it she comes by me no problem. I kick it up and trail her
and pass on the next hill and think thats that.YOU KNOW THE
REST. She passes me on the down hill and that was that.Two
weeks later I bought my first bent.Thanks to the girl on
the v2.

cyclenow58, 2001 GOLDRUSH

mtessmer 03-25-03 03:34 PM

I saw my first recumbent back in May of 1983 (Avitar 2000) at a Bike to Work gathering in downtown Minneapolis. The owner let me ride it, I was hooked but couldn't see paying the price for a Avitar. Then I saw a add for a Infinity in Bicycling magazine at a quarter of the cost. I called and ordered one and I've been riding recumbents ever since. I now own a Vision R 44 and I'm very happy with it (this is my forth year with it).

Clark 03-25-03 04:20 PM

Older & overweight -- you rang?

I'm 53 and if it weren't for my V-Rex I would be MORE overweight and I know I would feel older.

I love bikes in general, have since I was 7 years old. The recumbent, for me, is simply the bike made BETTER!


fofa 03-27-03 11:08 AM

Riding again. I quit because it just hurt to much for me. Between age, weight and CPL. Tunnel it just hurt to much. Now I can ride again.

bentrider 03-27-03 02:45 PM

The first recumbent I saw was at an

It was an American pilot of one those large miltary cargo planes that had his Ryan Vanguard stored inside and he wheeled the little beauty off the back end of this plane and pedalled around the other aircraft while alot of people kind of gawked at him.

He got just as many questions about the bike as his aircraft he flew.

After that I had chances to ride a number of bikes before I finally got around and bought my first one in 1994 (Haluzak Horizon) and another one in 2000 (Challenge Distance).

bentbaggerlen 03-28-03 06:58 PM

I had all kinds of bikes MTB, road and touring. Got a bent just to have one. I was less then an hour into my first ride when it hit me.. The view!

ChiliDog 03-28-03 10:45 PM

Not to knock bents, but here's a slant: owning a recumbent led to my loss of fitness obtained after riding a road bike for a year and a half. Sold the roadie to "get bent". Well, found out I didn't like riding it all that much and I could not afford to get my road bike back and so I struggled to try to get into the bent just to get riding something.

I didn't like hauling it around. I didn't like going down the road with my butt leading the way! I didn't like the stares and questions and lack of anonymity when riding it. I could not sit peacefully in the park after a ride or just tool along on it without pedestrians, other cyclists, car drivers, and even a guy on a motorcycle stopping me to talk about the bent. I always felt like a spectacle and my peaceful, stress-relieving rides became non-existent. I am a very private person, and it was just overload all the time. Being "on stage" was very stressful for me.

I gained back 25 lbs, lost stamina and strength, and became very depressed. I came to hate the bent and resented it. Finally I came up with some cash to select a road bike, lay it away, and sell the bent after several months of struggle (winter months, hard to sell). It's out the door and I must say I don't miss it for all the reasons cited above. I've put 70 miles on my road bike in the two days I've ridden it and that was about what I put on the bent the whole year I rode it. I'm glad it will have a happy home, though!

As for the question, "What turned you on?" The concept appealed to me. It was comfortable. I just never felt like I was really "riding a bike" on it and I never settled into liking it. Tried it with 3 different bents. Just didn't get into it. Maybe some day...

izgod 03-29-03 06:21 AM

Me and my buddy moved to Austin TX in 98. It's a hilly town and we were both committed to a carless lifestyle. We both had mountain bikes for commuting to our jobs, visiting each other, and various bike discovery adventure trips around Austin.

One day, Dave showed up at my house with a new BikeE AT. I had never seen anything like it.
He insisted I try it, and I was sold on the spot.

It took me a few years to save up the money; I took advantage of the company going out of business and got a BikeE AT cheap on eBay. Now I live in the flatlands of Delaware, and I've lost touch with Dave.

Dave, if you're out there...

slo-ryde 06-07-06 07:17 AM

I've always loved riding bicycles. I can still remember the day my dad took the training wheels off my first bicycle. I was grinning from ear to ear!

As I grew old it became harder to get the "grin" thing going. Like so many others I finally gave up on the diamond frame bikes and went bent. I spent a lot of time researching bikes and pouring through the usenet forums and settled on a used Ryan Vanguard. I purchased the bike unseen and without ever riding one. I've never regretted my choice. The bike looks great and rides like a dream. The grin is back!

Bikes-N-Drums 06-07-06 07:49 AM


Originally Posted by cyclenow58
She passes me on the down hill and that was that.Two
weeks later I bought my first bent.Thanks to the girl on
the v2.

You know, since I got a bent I really stopped caring about speed. The bent reacquainted me with why I started riding in the frst place - to be out there enjoying the world. So much time I spent worrying about average mphs and other nonsense on the road bike. I looked at my average mph from my ride last night: 9.7. Laughable to the common roadie, but I'm just having too much fun to zip and zing around in order to boost a number on the computer.

World Tour 06-07-06 11:34 AM

Sore palms, sore wrists, numb crotch, riding hunched over need I say more.

The grin factor, from riding a bent, can't be replicated. Give me all the questions and curiousity seekers. I love it. One can never have too many friends or admirers.

Like skin pounder said, speed is not the most important thing. Riding to have fun is IMO.

SoonerBent 06-07-06 01:22 PM

Numb crotch and hands had some to do with it. But mainly I watched older, fatter guys run off and leave me while being much more comfortable. Now I'm one of them.


nedgoudy 06-08-06 11:09 AM

I had an 86 Schwinn Mnt. Bike that I put a shock
absorber on the seat, then Banana Bars to avoid
the butt and neck and shoulder pain and then one
day I saw one somewhere, (I honest to god can't
remember where) and I did Internet research and
found the EZ-1 to be the nicest for me entry level
cost wise and bought one. 2 years later I bought
my Lightning Thunderbolt. This May I bought a
Rhoades Car that will be delivered at the end
of July.

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