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blknwhtfoto 11-01-06 10:30 PM

Shimano Ultegra Bar End's Compatible with SRAM?
Are Shimano Ultegra 8 Speed Bar End Shifters compatible with a SRAM X-7 rear derailleur? I think these would be better than my gripshifts on my USS Actionbent. Any ideas?
Mike Perrault

Wheelchairman 11-01-06 11:01 PM

Originally Posted by Some site
Long drivetrain compatibility: Shimano/SRAM 7/Shimano/SRAM 8/Shimano/SRAM 9/

That probably doesn't help much. Ive never used a bar shift on anything, but I cant see why not. The 1:1 actuation may make the shifting movement very narrow on the barshift (Shimano is usually 2:1ish) but once again I have no experience with bar shifters :( . Best to disregard this post til someone with experience comes along ;)

BlazingPedals 11-02-06 07:09 AM

If they worked at all, they'd work poorly. As wheelchairman posted, the actuation ratio is different between SRAM ESP stuff and the rest of the world. Friction mode would be your only option, and they'd be extremely touchy. If you want to use bar-end shifters, get a Shimano rear derailleur to go with it; you'll be much happier with the end result.

blknwhtfoto 11-02-06 01:50 PM

alright, BP, I was afraid you'd say that...Doesn't that mean I need to get a new cassette and chain along wtih the new rear der and shifters?

BlazingPedals 11-02-06 03:15 PM

Maybe, maybe not. Sorry I didn't pick up on it the first time, but if you try to use 8-speed bar ends with a 9-speed cassette, you're asking for trouble.

SRAM cassettes are 'shimano compatible' meaning they have the same spacing between gears: 4.8mm for 8 speed and 4.34 mm for 9-speed. If you use 8-speed shifters on a 9-speed cassette, they won't index correctly, and of course you'd have one more gear than clicks - although sometimes bar-ends will have an extra click.

IF you had the extra click and made gear #5 the one that detents best, then you'd be off about 1.9mm at 1st and 9th. While it *might* work, it'd be almost a half gear off, so it'd work crappy at best.

The chain and crankset wouldn't matter enough to worry about. And obviously if you can get 9-speed bar-ends to go with a 9-speed cassette, there's no problem.

blknwhtfoto 11-02-06 05:41 PM

I have an 8 speed cassette. Not 9. The shifters are 8 speed. So i'd need to get just a new derailleur?

BlazingPedals 11-02-06 06:33 PM

yep, if shifters and cassette are both 8 speed, just about any Shimano derailleur will work.

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