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tchazzard 05-06-03 09:00 AM

Bent for commuting...
Hi; I will be taking delivery of an enclosed recumbent trike in August (Mango... I have always commuted with a mountain bike, hauling a Burley d'lite trailer. I am looking for a bent for my commuting so I can get my legs in shape prior to taking delivery of the Mango. Any suggestions on particular bent models I should look at for this purpose?

Also, can one haul a trailer behind a bent? I assume the answer is yes.


detrieux 05-06-03 04:36 PM


Here is a link to a trip across the USA on a Rocket with a trailer

As far as which recumbent to buy, I would try to get one with the seat, bottom bracket and handlebars in as similiar position as on the new machine. Then there will be less muscle adaptation. I am suffering right now due to recent rides on the bent when I have been on the DF's almost all winter.

Good luck.

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