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blknwhtfoto 03-20-07 07:54 PM

Ape Hangers on USS?
Hey there guys,
I'm looking for a new set of handlebars for my Jetstream USS. I've got some wide cruiser bars on it now with PVC acc. holders that I tend to rest my hands on,over long rides.
The minimum width I think I can work with is 21" and I'd like something between 10-15 inches tall. I'm thinking that apehangers would work well, given that I like the horizontal hand position on the PVC "grips" and they also would fit the height and hopefully, the width specs.
I'm not worried about performance here, mostly looking for a change(as I can't afford the bike I want, a Fujin SL2 or GRR). Any ideas?

Right now I'm using SRAM x-7 trigger shifters(that I've ground down to be suitable for a vertical position but also will work for the traditional position) and tektro brake levers. I've got a rear view mirror and a Mirribell that I want to keep on the bars. What do you guys think?


Dr.Deltron 03-20-07 09:00 PM

Sounds like a good reason to visit all your local bike shops and find one that has apehangers.
Then give it go and see how it works! Sometimes you won't know 'till you try.
IMHO 'bents were made to fiddle with. A friend of mine has a tadpole that he made by hacking 2 other recumbents apart and rewelding them. And it's NOT a "hack job", more like Lamborghini R&D!
And except for the welding, all mods were done in his kitchen!! :eek:

I'll post pics later in this thread.

So put some WCC apehangers on that bad boy, and post some pics of before & after! :D

blknwhtfoto 03-20-07 10:30 PM

You're probably right, Dr. Deltron. I'm studying for finals now though and I can't be out paroosing the bike shops(by order of my girlfriend!) until I'm done with all my finals. Sometimes it is really nice how "fiddle'able" recumbents are, but sometimes I really wish that there were more 'bent specific bits and pieces.

PS:Did you get my emails with the gnome attachments Dr. Deltron?

BlazingPedals 03-22-07 10:48 AM

Doesn't the Jetstream have direct USS, aka tiller USS? It seems as though using ape-hangers would severely limit how sharply you could turn the bike. At high speed it wouldn't matter, but at low speeds it could be a BIG problem.

blknwhtfoto 03-22-07 12:45 PM

I dunno, I just bought a set today and they're a bit too narrow for my gorilla sized legs to fit between. So(when the "craft center" at the Uni. Of Oregon opens up) I'm gonna borrow one of their torches and make a little jig/ wet rag-hammer it into a more helpful shape. My only worry is torching over the chrome on the handlebars, but the last time I did something like this the heated chrome just crackled off, leaving a ugly-but fairly easily painted nickel coating.
If I can make them just a tiny bit wider at the top, they'll have about the same amount of clearance, if not a tiny bit more.
I'm not really sure what direct USS/tiller means, but the fork has a 3-4" tube with a clamp on the end that attaches the handlebars. We'll see, if it doesn't work out, I've lost 15 bucks and some tinkering time.


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