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Punchnclown 03-25-07 11:52 AM

Any decent low cost bents available?
OK so I'm looking to enter the recumbent niche, and jeesh are the prices steep. Now I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks for a 'bent, but I think I'd like to start on something basic and low cost first to be sure it's something I'd enjoy. I do have a road bike and mountain bike that each get ~ 1500 miles a year. I'm hoping that with a more comfortable ride I'll be able to put a few more miles behind me.

After an exhaustive search yielding few good reviews on any recumbents I decided to ask you my fellow riders for suggestions.

I've looked on e-bay, bike forums, etc and still haven't come to a decision. While on ebay I saw the bike. Has anyone tried this bike? is it any good? Or what would be a good used bent to look for? I think I'd prefer an under-steering model.

Thanks for any comments

blknwhtfoto 03-25-07 12:27 PM

I've no experience with RecumbentUSA but I haven't heard a good word about them. For about the same price(and customer service that at least a few people are happy with) checkout
They're the same bikes but better components and while Steve is an *******, Randy from Actionbent will take care of you, as long as you keep him on track. He seems to get distracted quite easily. They'll work with you though, despite all their blustering.
My Jetstream II USS cost 575 on ebay.

Viel Gluck,

Shaman 03-25-07 01:18 PM

+1 with Foto... Actionbent is a much better importer/dealer than RecumbentUSA. Actionbent deals are better on ebay than direct from their web site. Actionbent 'bents are a true value for the beginner and if the right choice is made, for life. TW Bents makes these 'bents and they are a quality frame builder. You need to know basic bike mechanics but it sounds like you already have that. I have Actionbent's trike and absolutely love it. Not many others will come close to the quality and componentry for the money.

There is an Actionbent group on Yahoo if you'd like to query the specific model you're interested in (actual users!).... And you have Bentrider Online forums for recumbents in general.

You could also consider a used 'bent and come out about even with what you could get an actionbent for but get a 'brand' name, so to speak.

Good luck on your quest.

Opedaler 03-25-07 07:08 PM

Here's a for what it's worth post. I don't know if you are in Canada but if so consider rebel-cycles, and even if not you can buy the Ghost from Jeff. Hopefully he'll see your thread and make a suggestion. He also sells TW bents like actionbent but he seems to be "out there" answering questions and making suggestions rather than just providing bikes at reasonable prices. As I understand it, he is limited to what he can sell in the US so as not to infringe on TW's US territory (actionbent). He can sell the Ghost (with USS) for example, because it is not sold in the US. He cannot ,however, sell his tadpole because it is the same one that AB sells. Never done business with him but I appreciate him sticking his mug out there and being accessable.

Punchnclown 03-25-07 08:25 PM

Thanks, I appreciate the helpful comments. Now I have a good starting point.


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