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tchazzard 05-27-03 12:22 PM

bent classifieds?
Hi; What are the best web-based classifieds if one is looking for a used bent? In particular, I am looking for a Vision R4x SWB/USS. Thanks.

bentrox! 05-27-03 01:43 PM
to reach the "Classifieds"
(also try their "demo deals")
(click "Message Board" then "For Sale")
scroll down - always seems to be a R-44 somewhere
(click "Recumbents" then "Used Bikes for Sale")
limited selection, but constantly changing

Good luck.

tchazzard 05-27-03 03:10 PM

Thanks....I will keep an eye on these sites and ebay. And for anyone out there that is looking to sell off a Vision R4X SWB/USS, feel free to email me.

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