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FlyingAnchor 03-30-07 12:41 AM

Got my Agio :)
It came in today and I was at work. I was not able to get home and start putting it together until 7:30 pm. Right now it is 95% there, I just need to tighten down a fender and do a final adjustment on the shifters. Of course there will be the fine tunning on my riding postion as I have never ridden a bent before. I think I will take it to a LBS and have Mike look it over and suggest any other adjustments he may think worthy.
I worked on it for four hours putting it together and can't wait to hit the Avenue of The Giants tomorrow.

Also I think I have created another bent rider, my son who has been ambivalant about my bike sat on it with semi hard tires and putted around the house. He had this grin you all talk about and was telling me he could get into this kind of riding. YES!. We will be saving up for his bike I thinks. :)
Sure wish I had a camera, I would share my ride with you.
Well I had to share and I am so excited my dream is coming to fruition so far.

aikigreg 03-30-07 07:05 AM

congrats! No matter how "cool" uprights can be, the bent grin is just overwhelming.

Floyd 03-30-07 08:44 AM

Sounds like two least. Can't wait to hear more about your new aquisition. Start saving so the second smile does not take away your smiles by wanting your new ride all the time. :)

FlyingAnchor 03-30-07 11:12 AM

The LBS has a sun for about $700.00 but it hasn't sold in a couple of years, so they may make a deal. But. That will take some months to work out (save for).

d2create 03-30-07 11:51 AM

Can the seat bottom be tilted up at more of an angle so it cups your bottom better?
I just test rode the Agio and the Cafe and i felt more a part of the bike and more secure on the cafe.

FlyingAnchor 03-30-07 04:02 PM

I'm not sure about the seat tilt but if I want that support I may use a differently shaped cushion to achieve it.
I went to my LBS today and the mechanic I have been talking to is on vacation, Grrrrr... :)

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