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Patravel 04-20-07 05:43 PM

Recumbant Question:
How do you get into the thing without falling over, and what do you do if you have to stop suddenly?

BlazingPedals 04-20-07 05:47 PM

I suppose it depends on what bent you have, but usually the way to get into the thing is to sit down. When you stop suddenly, you put your foot (or hand, if it reaches) down. Is it supposed to be complicated?

d2create 04-20-07 08:35 PM

Yeah, infact you don't have to unass the seat like you do on an upright. I come to a stop, put one foot down while the other is clipped in and wait for the light to change.

ahorner1946 04-22-07 07:58 AM

Yeah, it really is that easy! Unless, you have been trying to throw your leg across the back of the seat!

I'm not being sarcastic, I've actually seen it tried!!! If that is the case, try this, apply the brakes and step across the top tube (the part of the frame between the handle bars and the seat cushion)! Then after you are straddling the bike, and still applying the brakes sit down on the seat cushion then lean back!


VegasTriker 04-23-07 08:13 AM

You didn't mention which recumbent you are trying out. Is it a short wheelbase or a long wheelbase recumbent (presumably not a trike). Having let many people try both my LWB (an older Linear) or my SWB (Haluzak Horizon), I found most people could start off a lot easier on the LWB than the SWB. Make sure you downshift before stopping and it makes it a lot easier to start off again. Both of these bikes have underseat steering which is often even stranger to new riders and makes it even more fun. Holding the brakes on while you set one foot on the pedal helps a lot. When you can get going in the middle of a hill, you know you have gotten it right.

jeff-o 04-23-07 09:53 AM

Practice getting on your 'bent on the grass until you get it right. Practice lifting each foot to the pedal while the other foot keeps you upright. Then take to the pavement and attempt moving forward.

STEEKER 04-23-07 09:34 PM

I found out today that I should be very careful when putting my feet down with bike shoes on top of the yellow road paint , ( almost went over)

World Tour 04-25-07 11:25 AM

The balance is way different on a bent. I found on a DF that your legs help like pendalums. That isn't so on a bent. You'll get used to it. I never want to ride a DF again.

My LWB makes EVERY single person smile as I go by and often they say nice bike, ask questions etc.. It's fun making people smile. You're like a star on a bent.

aikigreg 04-25-07 12:16 PM

I'm pretty sure this is a troll post.

BlazingPedals 04-25-07 12:25 PM

I'm pretty sure you're right, Greg. If not a troll, at least a loser.

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