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MaxBender 04-22-07 06:41 PM

Faster tires than Primo Comets?
I need to replace the Primo Comet 20x1.5 tires that came on my Rans Rocket, after many faithful miles

Any experienced suggestions for a fast 406/20 inch tire for a Short Wheelbase Recumbent?

JanMM 04-22-07 08:50 PM

Well, how about Primo Comet 20x1.35's? A bit lighter and skinnier.

vik 04-22-07 09:47 PM

Schwalbe Stelvio 20[406] x 1 1/8"

BlazingPedals 04-23-07 05:58 AM

Schwalbe Stelvios are probably the fastest tire you can get for a 406 rim, followed closely by Conti Grand Prix. I have had terrible luck with both, though. Stelvios typically separate the fabric in the casing, causing an S-shaped contact strip. Contis, on the other hand, have very fragile sidewalls - as they wear they seem to sprout more and more broken cords out of the sidewalls until finally you don't dare inflate them anymore. Bottom line, I consider either of them only suitable for racing.

The jury is still out on Conti Sport Contact, which is 28x406 (labelled, as Conti does, incorrectly as 20x1 1/8.) The only one I've gone through suffered premature sidewall failure from what looked like a brake pad cut - except that I don't have rim brakes. And I haven't decided yet if they're faster or slower than Comets.

Primo 20x1.35 is light and relatively fast; but if you get the Kevlar version, expect that feature to cost you some speed.

jeff-o 04-23-07 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by vik

Be sure to check out the Schwalbe Marathon series tires, there are some fast models there, too!

banerjek 04-23-07 11:12 AM

Don't mess with Comets if you want speed. I dumped my Comet 20 x 1.35's while they were still practically new. If you mount a set of 1 1/8" Stelvios, you will notice a substantial improvement, particularly since you're running 1.5" now.

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