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Inthe10ring 04-23-07 12:51 PM

TerraTrike Cruiser Input/feedback?
Ok, so this tax return is just burning a hole in my pocket... I'm looking pretty seriously at getting a recumbent trike, but there isn't really anywhere close at all to be able to ride one... I have searched the internet and any viable forum for any feedback regarding these trikes, and I still want to know more!
I'm attracted to the weight limit, as I'm a big guy for sure. I'm not interested in being a total speed freak, but I also don't want a total pig. (I'm aware that step #1 is swapping out the 40psi max OEM tires) Anybody have any experience with these machines?

vik 04-23-07 01:33 PM

Check out the trike forum at BROL - you should find some WW owners there.

Shaman 04-23-07 08:33 PM

I agree with VIK as BROL has a lot of triking members. I would definitely search out a local recumbent dealer and ride a few trikes, even if they are way past your pocketbook limit.

Also keep an eye out for used trike. Often times you can get very low milage trikes for a significant discount.

Personally I consider WW the "Ford" of the trike world but that's from a Chevy fan's perspective. So having said that, I will also have you look at the Actionbent trike. Pricewise it is comparable with a 265# weight limit. But... it all has to do with how skilled you are with bicycle wrenching in general. Unless a shop deals with recumbents a lot, they often shy away from them or charge way to much for service.

CruiserBob 04-24-07 04:49 PM

TerraTrike Cruiser Input/feedback?
The RCN TTC review is here (see sidebar):

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