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Mike in KS 06-09-03 08:19 PM

riding to work
ive been riding to work, this is my second week of it. well the guys there seem to be taking it better then i figured. as i think there is only 2 maybe 3 cars in the parking lot. the rest being trucks, mostly 3/4 ton. the normal redneck crowd one gets around here. damn good guys, but most just set in their ways.
well that being said some of them decided they wanted to give my bike a try..... couple had to be teased into it.. ( not by me) i found it hard to believe that guys who would sit on the back of a ticked off bull would be nervous of my bike. only one really tipped it over the other 7- 8 got it after a wobbly start. got a kick out of these long legged guys tring to ride a bike set up for a guy with short stubby legs.
just wanted to tell someone, as i really dont have any bike friends. the few that i see on my rides just give me odd looks none really seem interested in talking.

NuTz4BiKeZ 06-11-03 03:45 AM

Hey Mike.
It can be really funny watching someone have their first try huh.
The guy that did some of the frame welding for me had a go on mine, got about 6 feet and landed on his @$$. :D:D too funny :D:D

Mike in KS 06-11-03 04:20 PM

yeah it was fun to watch most once they got the feel of it liked booging around on it. as its just a beater im not to worried about it getting to banged up. what do your bike friends think of you new ride Nutz?

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