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Dr.Deltron 05-13-07 03:28 PM

Quarter ton load if the stoker doesn't STOKE!
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Took the "crew" out for a train/bike ride this weekend.
It was a Bike to Work Week event that started in Santa Cruz, California.
All the bikes & riders were loaded onto the train and we headed up the San Lorenzo Valley to Felton.
From Felton back to Santa Cruz, the CHP closed Hiway 9 and only bikes could use the downhill lane.
Unfortunetly it was not ALL downhill back to S.C.!! The first 2 miles actually climbed a couple hundred feet, before the descent kicked in.
We quickly went from "off the front" (first 50' of travel) :p
to "Caboose" by the downhill part. :roflmao:

Reason being, that my 13 yr old is not much of a "stoker"! :rolleyes:
I swear I was making HIS feet go around. :mad:
The total weight of the rig & passengers is just over 500 pounds!
So if he didn't push those pedals, I was pedalling a 1/4 ton rig by myself! :eek:

But on the descent, we were a runaway freight train! (max speed; 42.6 MPH!)
(Crazy Popi!) :D

MaxBender 05-13-07 08:52 PM

The tandem opposite of
"the captain goes down with the ship"
as applied to bicycles:

Stoker makes
No mistakes

aikigreg 05-14-07 05:23 AM

OTOH, I rode a rans screamer tandem this weekend as captain for a guy who is blind, but don't feel sorry for him - he's got a bronze medal in the world tandem paralympics. The two of us were attacking the roadies uphill and winning every time. We were crazy fast.

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